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Involved In An Auto Accident?

Your cell phone can be a useful tool to help you document the information that will be needed to initiate your claim. Remember a picture is worth 1,000 words.

  1. A photo of the Liability Card for all vehicles involved in the accident. This will provide the name of the registered owner, the insurance company and policy #, and details of the vehicle.
  2. Photos of the Drivers Licence of other drivers involved in the accident.
  3. Photos of the accident scene.
  4. Photos of all vehicles involved, showing the extent of damage (or no damage) to each vehicle.
  5. Photos of anything that appears important to you. You never know when a small accident can develop into a major claim. The more information you can collect at the scene of the accident, the better you can protect yourself later.
  6. You are entitled to a copy of the Police Report completed by the responding Police Officer or from the local Accident Reporting Centre. It is best to obtain this at the scene, as it prolongs the claims process if it is not provided.