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Additional Information

In order to obtain Auto Insurance in Ontario there are a few basic requirements:

  1. The vehicle must be registered and Licenced in Ontario through the Ontario Ministry of Transportation
  2. The Principal Driver of the vehicle Must hold a Valid Ontario Driver’s Licence

Moving to a New Province?

If you are moving to a new province you should contact the Ministry of Transportation in the new Province to find out the requirements of transferring the registration and insuring your vehicle in the new province. It is important to do this as soon as possible as there is a limited number of days to make the necessary transfer. Your Ontario Auto Insurer can deny coverage in the event of a claim if you fail to arrange for new coverage in your new province within the designated time period.

When Someone Else Drives your Vehicle…

As the owner of the vehicle, you are ultimately responsible for whatever happens with your vehicle. If you loan it to someone else to drive, you will be responsible for any accident that occurs while they have your vehicle. If it is an at fault accident, it will most likely effect your driving record and insurance rates for the next 6 years or longer.