Property Insurance


Homeowners Policy

Your home may be the largest investment you ever own. It is important to insure it correctly. A homeowners policy is usually sold as a package policy. This means that once the insured value of the dwelling is established; there are other coverage that automatically are provided. Click Here to Read More

Tenant Package Policy

Are you renting the location where you live? A tenant package policy will provide coverage for your contents as well as liability. Click Here to Read More

Condominium Policy

Do you own a Condominium? As a member of the Condominium Corporation, you are not only responsible for your unit, but also become responsible for part of the entire complex. There are coverages specially designed for this situation. Click Here to Read More

Rental Properties

Do you own a property that you rent to others? As well as purchasing coverage for the standard fire and wind damage you can arrange for such coverage as vandalism and rental income. Click Here to Read More


Do you own a seasonal getaway? As a secondary location that you do not visit daily, there are limited coverage and special requirements for these locations.



Did You Know?

  • Are you aware that it is now law that you must have Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors? Please visit for additional details.
  • Are you a Director for a Non-Profit Organization? Did you know that you can be held personally liable for the acts you perform on behalf of the organization? Your homeowners policy will not defend you against allegation of wrongful acts as a director. A separate policy is available for this situation if you require coverage.
  • There is also a coverage available for Sump and Sewer Backup damage. If you would give us a call, we will confirm if your policy carries this coverage. If not, we can advise if it is available for your location and the additional premium cost to add the rider.
  • Wood burning units can be a fire hazard if not properly installed and maintained. The Insurance Company must be advised of any wood burning unit.
  • Do you have a Home Run Business? Items such as inventory and business liability are not automatically covered by your policy. Coverage for a small business can be arranged.
  • Camera and other floaters.


Are You Aware?

The following are a couple of requirements that apply to all property policies that we wish to bring to your attention:

  1. If you are away from your home for more than 4 consecutive days during the “Normal Heating Season”   it is necessary to have a competent person check on your house DAILY to be sure that the heat remains on and that the water pipes have not become frozen. Failure to do so can result in coverage being denied.   If you chose to shut off the water supply and drain the water pipes, you do not need to have someone check the house daily.
  2. If a dwelling becomes VACANT, it is necessary to contact our office. Certain coverage will cease as soon as the dwelling becomes vacant.   All coverage will cease after 30 days unless the Insurance Company grants permission for vacancy.